Capitol Day April 13th: Missouri transportation funding proposal leaves out bicycling & walking; we need you!

Our annual Bicycle & Pedestrian Day at the Capitol and Legislators Bike Ride is Monday, April 13th.

Will you join us April 13th?  Register here.

The Missouri Senate is working on another transportation funding plan--and this time it includes no funding for biking and walking.  March 18th week I testified at the hearing for the bill, SB 540--and it wasn't very pleasant.

We have a whole new crop of legislators in Jefferson City--and they need an army of regular folks LIKE YOU to explain to them how important bicycling and walking is to our communities--and to you.

Will you join us April 13th in Jefferson City to do help take that message to the Capitol?

It's easy and fun. It can be as easy as taking a bike ride with a legislator, or a walk, or having a chat--to tell them how important bicycling and walking is in your life and in your community.

It really, really makes a difference. It is so important--especially this year.

We need YOU to join us in Jefferson City April 13th!

Hope to see you there April 13th!

Capitol Day Issues for 2015

A quick summary of some of the important issues we'll be working on at the Capitol on April 13th:

  • SB 540 proposes to solve the MoDOT funding crisis, and provide increased funding for all roads in Missouri, without providing any  funding for biking and walking. 

    The problem:
    • 80% of walking & biking that happens in Missouri, happens on and along our roads and highways
    • People walking and bicycling make up 9% of roadway fatalities in Missouri
    • People walking and bicycling make up 15% of roadway injuries in Missouri

      We don't need all the funding or even a lot of funding.  But we need enough funding to provide access and safe travel for:
      • the 30% of Missouri taxpayers who don't have a drivers license
      • the 8.4% of Missouri households who own no car
      • the millions of ordinary Missouri citizens who want the choice to be able to bike and walk in their communities if they want to
  • Anti-harassment: Rep. Nate Walker has proposed a bill, HB 721, banning anti-harassment of bicyclists, pedestrians, and people with disabilities, and banning the throwing of objects at or from vehicles. This issue was identified by our members and allied organizations as a top priority.  This year we want the bill to receive its first public hearing; it will be tough to pass in todays Missouri General Assembly.  We need your voices to speak up about why this is important and needed.

  • Safe passing of bicyclists and pedestrians: Rep Walker's HB 721 and Senator David Pearce's SB 556 include provisions requiring motorists to safely pass bicyclists and pedestrians--moving into the adjacent lane to pass where possible, and always maintaining at least 4 feet passing distance.

    We have been working on this issue for years--Missouri has had a provision require safe passing of bicyclists since 2005.  But we would like to improve and strengthen those requirements, bringing them in line with the way most safe drivers operate.  And we would like to improve pedestrian safety as well as bicycle safety.

    We need you to make that personal contact with your own Missouri legislators to let them know how important these issues are for you, and how much difference they make in your life.
  • Update Missouri's definition of "pedestrian" to clarify that it includes people with disabilities who use assistive devices such as manual and motorized wheelchairs.

    This is part of our ongoing effort to ensure that all Missourians have true transportation choice and safe access to move about our communities and neighborhoods.

    Both HB 721 and SB 556 include this provision.

Your voice is so important in Jefferson City this year.  When Missourians speak, our legislators do listen!

Join us at Capitol Day--register here.


Creating a statewide movement in support of bicycling and walking, working towards a world-class bicycle and pedestrian network in Missouri (including proper funding for bicycle and pedestrian facilities and safety), and improving safety for all road users are three of the four major goals of MoBikeFed's Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri.

Each of those goals gets a significant boost when people like you from around Missouri visits Jefferson City to talk with our state leaders about the importance of bicycling and walking.

Your membership and generous financial support helps make important events like Capitol Day happen and helps make our Vision become reality.