Pedestrian in 'very serious' condition after being hit by a car on Branson's strip | KSPR

Headlines are quick hits from media outlets from Missouri and around the world. Follow the headline link for the full story. The source of this headline says:

One man is in critical condition after his vacation in Branson turns tragic. He leaves his tour group to buy a souvenir and gets hit by a car while crossing the street.

Officials are calling this a 'typical Branson' accident. They say that it's common to see people jay walk or run across the strip. That's exactly what happened near the Hughes Theatre early Tuesday night.

MoBikeFed comment: Branson's strip is, frankly, a nightmare for pedestrians and there it is little wonder that this is a 'typical Branson' crash resulting in serious injury.

This is the inevitable result when you put a priority on fast-moving motor vehicle traffic in an area that is naturally pedestrian-dense.

Instead of putting the blame on "jaywalkers," Branson leaders need to give some serious thought to implementing Vision Zero principles in the Branson Strip area and other high-pedestrian traffic areas of this major tourist destination.

Some improvements for pedestrians in Branson are planned and underway, but far more is needed before Branson becomes as pedestrian friendly as--by rights--it should be.