MoDOT to resurface and add shoulder to a section of Hwy 94 parallelling the Katy Trail | @MoDOT

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The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission has approved a contract to improve Missouri Route 94 in Callaway and Montgomery counties.

Jefferson Asphalt Company of Jefferson City was awarded a contract to resurface Route 94 and add shoulders between Route 54 in Callaway County and Bluffton Road in Montgomery County. The contractor submitted the lowest bid of $3.9 million.

The project is scheduled to take place during the 2016 construction season.

MoBikeFed comment: Improving Highway 94, which parallels the Katy Trail for most of the distance between Jefferson City and St. Charles, has been one our high priorities in recent years.

Because Hwy 94 is one of the few paved roads through this part of the state, it is often used by local cyclists. Because it parallels the (unpaved) Katy Trail, local residents and motorists are often resentful of cyclists who ride on Hwy 94.

This issue has come up repeatedly in our dealings with elected officials in Jefferson City. It has been a major issue leading to introduction of bicyclists ban legislation in Jeffersion City.

Widening Hwy 94 with even minimal shoulders is a positive solution that will help reduce conflicts between cyclists and motorists while improving safety for all users.

The current project will add some shoulder in the hilly, windy portion of Hwy 94. Many miles of narrow, two-lane road remain on Hwy 94, but we are hopeful that MoDOT will be able to address these additional sections little by little over the years.