Agreement could get Branson Hwy 76 Complete Streets project back on track |

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“This is our ticket to getting the 76 project up and going again.” Alderman Mike Booth said. “It just tickles me to death that we’re at this point where we can go forward.

Additionally, the agreement includes estimated costs for the 76 project. “Phase A,” which includes segments one and two, as well as four through six, is $44.7 million for and “Phase B,” which includes segments seven and eight, is $15.1 million.

“I’m happy to see this cooperative agreement come together now,” Alderwoman Cris Bohinc said. “An agreement which is palatable to everybody, because this is a very important project and this is a great starting place again.”

“We got a bad black eye out of the start of this project and we deserve it,” Alderman Bob Simmons added. “Getting the organization and getting this contract signed is a new start to this program, and it’s still just as critical to this community as it was in the beginning.”

MoBikeFed comment: Branson's ambitious Spirit of 76 Complete Streets project for the Branson Strip is one of the biggest Complete Streets projects ever envisioned--and would complete re-make the heart of Branson's entertainment district.

However, the first stages of the project implementation have gotten off to something of a rocky start. Hopefully this new agreement will put the project back on track.