Announcing the new Guide to Missouri Road Rules, Markings, and Signs for Everyone who Drives, Walks, or Bicycles

Announcing the new Guide to Missouri Road Rules, Markings, and Signs for Everyone who Drives, Walks, or Bicycles.

Ever been confused about bike lane marking or the new green bike lanes, intersection markings, pedestrian crossing signals, and other new markings that many Missouri cities are rolling out? Or do you have a friend who doesn't understand the markings?

Would you like some of the best basic guidance about how to drive around people who walk and bicycle and how to safely bicycle and follow Missouri law?

The new Guide to Missouri Road Rules, Markings, and Signs for Everyone who Drives, Walks, or Bicycles is for you.

About the Guide:

  • It is for people who drive, walk, or bicycle
  • If you have ever wondered what all those signs and markings mean--this Guide is for you:
    • "Share the Road with Bicyclists"
    • "Bicyclists May Use Full  Lane"
    • "Bike Route"
    • Dotted, dashed, and continuous bike lane lines
    • Green bike lanes
  • The Guide has sections on:
    • How drivers should interact with people who bicycle and walk
    • What to pedestrian and bicycle road signs and markings mean?
    • How bicyclists should safely operate on the streets
  • NEW: We have pulled out the short 2-page section Rules for Riding a Bicycle on the Road to create a separate, short-and-to-the-point guide just for bicyclists.
    • This is an excellent brief, plain-English synopsis of the rules of the road and best riding practices for anyone who rides a bicycle
  • The Guide was written by one of Missouri's most experienced traffic engineers--Paul Wojchiechowski of Alta Planning+Design--who has designed and helped implement many of the bicycle, pedestrian, and trails lanes, markings, and signs around Missouri. And it has been read and revised by several regional bicycle, pedestrian, and trails organizations who teach bicycling and walking safety classes and implement bicycle routes, trails, and signs.
  • The Guide incorporates the rules of Missouri law, the meaning and reason for road signs and marking as defined by national engineering organizations, and practical information about driving, bicycling, and walking safely.

Download the full Guide here.

Download the two-page Rules for Riding a Bicycle on the Road.

Note: The Guide was updated 19 September 2019 thanks to helpful feedback from many who read the first version.

More information about Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Law

Remember that our Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Law page has a number of helpful resources for people who walk, bicycle, and drive to help us all understand Missouri traffic law better.  Besides the Guide, it has:

Working to make Missouri roads and streets safer for all road users is one of the main goals of MoBikeFed's Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri. Helping all road users understand the rules of the road is one way we accomplish that goal.

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