2021 Missouri Active Transportation Summit

08/13/2021 - 9:00am - 5:00pm

2017 Missouri Active Transportation Summit - Aug 11th in Jefferson City

Bicycling, walking, and trails mean business in Missouri 

Friday, August 13th, 2021, 9:00am-5:00pm

An online, virtual Summit for 2021!  Join from anywhere in Missouri or the world via telephone, smart phone, or computer

Presented by

The Association of Bicycle & Pedestrian Professionals, Missouri Chapter
Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation
Missouri Livable Streets
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services


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About the Sixth Annual Missouri Active Transportation Summit

We invite you to join us for the 2021 Missouri Active Transportation Summit--Friday, August 13th and all virtual this year--where we will be sharing ideas for making our communities more active, vibrant, healthy, and economically sustainable through bicycling, walking, and trails.

  • Keynote: Kalene Griffith, President, Visit Bentonville: How Bicycling and Trails have Transformed Northwest Arkansas - and How You Can Do the Same in Your Home Town

Kaylene Griffith of Visit Bentonville will speak about the transformative power of bicycling, walking, and trails in Northwest Arkansas - and the lessons you can learn from their experience to take home to your community and region.

Kalene Griffith of Visit Bentonville will speak about the transformative power of bicycling, walking, and trails in Northwest Arkansas - and the lessons you can learn from their experience to take home to your community and region.

Over the past 20 years, Northwest Arkansas has transformed itself from a typical out-of-the-way small metro area into an international mountain biking and trails destination.  The trails and outdoor recreation initiatives begun by the Walton Family Foundation--which wanted to attract top talent and major national corporations to relocate to Northwest Arkansas--have become a centerpiece of the region's tourism industry.

More than that, the region's focus and mountain biking and hiking trails and a complete, connected regional multiuse trail system has helped the metro area grow into one of the most livable and attractive regions in the Midwest--attractive to residents and families, to businesses and business leaders, to outdoor recreation lovers, and to the outdoor recreation industry.

The early emphasis on trails has given way to a more comprehensive approach to transportation equity and access, for all users and all modes of transportation.

In short, Northwest Arkansas has become a model for what many communities across Missouri--and the U.S., and the world--would like to achieve: An active, outdoor-oriented metro area with trails and outdoor recreation available for all residents, a tourism industry that caters to outdoor recreation, hiking, bicycling, and trails, and a region that is gradually becoming more accessible for walking, bicycling, and all forms of transportation for everyone.

We see communities and regions like this around the U.S. and the world--in Colorado, California, Oregon, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, and elsewhere. 

But what does a homegrown bicycle and trails destination look like right here in the central United States--right in the heart of the Ozarks?

How is it different from and how is it similar to other regions that have made similar progress?

What did it take to make trails and outdoor recreation a success in Arkansas? 

What lessons can you take home to your community and your region as you work towards similar goals?

Join us for Kalene's Keynote Address and find the answers to these questions and more . . .

  • Plenary: A Model for Missouri: Missourians for Responsible Transportation's Complete Streets Ordinance Template - Michael Kelley, BikeWalkKC; Ron Bentch, Missourians for Responsible Transportation

Michael Kelley spearheaded the work to create a model Complete Streets policy that can be used in rural, suburban, and urban communities, large or small. Adopted policies that follow this model have achieved some of the highest scores ever achieved in the national Complete Streets evaluation system.

 Michael Kelley of BikeWalkKC and Ron Bentch of Missourians for Responsible Transportation will talk about a model Complete Streets policy developed by Missourians for Responsible Transportation, adopted by several Missouri communities, that has brought the highest quality Complete Streets policies and ordinances to cities and towns large, medium, and small. Communities that have adopted this new policy have achieved among the very highest scores ever awarded by the National Complete Streets Coalition.

Why is it important for your community and region to adopt a Complete Streets Policy?

How does the new model policy work? 

What makes it among the best out there?

What Missouri communities have adopted the model policy and how has it worked for them?

How can your community get started in adopting a high-quality Complete Streets Policy based on the model, or updating an existing Complete Streets policy to current best standards?

You'll find out about this and more in this Plenary Session--starting the Summit off with a bang at 9:00am!

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Other Featured Speakers and Guests:
Stephen Foutes, Missouri Director of Tourism
Stephen Foutes, Missouri Director of Tourism, will greet Summit participants and help us make the important connection between Missouri's tourism industry and active transportation/active tourism

  • Missouri Tourism Director Stephen Foutes 
  • Missouri Livable Street Award Winners

Breakout Sessions

You'll have your choice from a varied menu of excellent breakout sessions, including:

  • Making Biking and Walking Work for Missouri - Paul Wojciechowski, Horner & Shifrin  
  • Connecting the Dots - Trails in NW Missouri - Andy Clements, City of St. Joseph
  • Beyond Cycling - Developing Inclusive Active Transportation in Joplin - Taylor Cunningham, City of Joplin
  • Grassroots and Grasstops: The Story of Springfield's Lone Pine Bike Park & Greenspace - Mary Kromrey, Ozark Greenways
  • Kansas City Missouri's First Two-Way Cycle Track: Paving the Way for Complete Streets Improvements - Jason Waldron, Director; Maggie Green, Public Information  Office, Kansas City Public Works
  • Measuring the Benefits of Complete Streets - Emily Schweninger, Smart Growth America
  • Building a Network of Historical-Cultural Bicycle Routes Across Missouri: Thousands of Miles of Great Places to Ride and Explore--and How you can Help  - Brent Hugh, Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation
  • Pathways to Implementation on the MoDOT System - Shaun Tooley, MoDOT  
  • Creating Active Transportation Incentives in Wildwood, MO - Biking and Walking Benefits - Hugh Share, Sustainability Consulant, Cycling Advocate; Laura Edens, City Council, City of Wildwood
  • Micro-Transportation, Hubs, Big Data, Healthcare Outcomes and ROI For Our Communities - Dan Cain, Pedego Electric Bicycles
  • The Power of Gravel, Trails, and Rural Community: Using Events, Marketing, and Many Community Partners to Turn a Small Rural Community into a Hub of Active Transportation and Recreation - Mac Vorce, Warsaw Chamber of Commerce; Jenn Bradshaw, Truman Lake Adventure Club; Sheridan Garman-Neeman, Executive Director, Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission
  • Rumble Strip Roundtable: Cyclists hate them, Highway Safety advocates love them. Let's talk. - Rumble strips: If you bicycle, you know them. Jolting, jarring--square in the path you would like to take. Why are we seeing more and more rumble strips? Why are they a problem for people who bicycle? What can be done to make rumble strips work better for people who bicycle? Join in as experts on road safety, highway engineers, a national bicycle policy expert, and an average cyclist share experience, data, best practices, perspective, and opinions about bicycling and rumble strips. "Regular cyclist" Tim Hill; Jon Nelson, Asst State Highway Safety and Traffic Engineer, MoDOT; Ken McLeod, Policy Director, League of American Bicyclists.

(All sessions, presenters, and titles subject to change.)


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Summit organizers & partners 

The Summit is organized by the Missouri Chapter of the Association of Bicycle and Pedestrian Professionals, Missouri Livable Streets (Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services), and the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation in cooperation with pedestrian, bicycle, and trails agencies, businesses, advocacy groups, and staff from across Missouri.
Come on out and hear about what is going on for walking and biking in communities around Missouri.


2021 Summit themes & topics

Some of the 2021 Summit topics and themes will include:

  • COVID-19: How is your community, region, agency, or organization affected by the COVID-19 situation, and how are you using or planning to use walking, bicycling, trails, parks, sidewalks, bike lanes, active transportation, active recreation, or active tourism to help deal with your local issues and make your community safer and healthier?  How are you weathering reduced tourism and travel related to the pandemic? And are you planning or preparing to respond or recover from restrictions on tourism, travel, gatherings, and outdoor events when the time comes?
  • Complete Streets & Liveable Streets in Missouri: Building support for, passing, and implementing your Complete Streets policy
  • Tourism and the economic impact of bicycling, walking, and trails: What is the economic importance of bicycling, walking, and trails to your community, and what can you do to maximize the economic impact to your community, to your local business community, and to Missouri? With the Missouri Bicentennial coming up, how can we use that opportunity to boost trails and active outdoor tourism across the state?
  • Implementing bicycle, pedestrian, and trails plans and projects in communities from the largest to the smallest, how to find the funding you need, and how to make real progress on a limited budget
  • Health and Safety impacts of bicycling, walking, and trails
  • Making bicycling, walking, and trails succeed in rural, suburban, and urban settings, and small, medium, and large communities across Missouri 

Planned tracks:

  • Association of Bicycle & Pedestrian Professionals (APBP) Professional Track - sessions that help professional engineers, planners, and other staff working in the area of pedestrian and bicycle planning and implementation hone their skills, maintain their continuing education requirements, and keep abreast of best practices and current trends.
  • Missouri Livable Streets Track - how do you make streets and roads around your community safer and more inviting for all users--including those who walk, bicycle, and use public transportation, people of all ages and all levels of ability and disability. How do you develop a Complete Streets policy or ordinance in your community? How do you work to implement your Complete Streets policy?  What are some of the Complete Street success stories from around Missouri?
  • Marketing and Tourism Track - sessions that help tourism professionals and others working to promote their community, their area's outdoor recreation and trails, and their area's bicycling, walking, hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor recreation opportunities make the most of their efforts.
  • Health and Safety Track - sessions relating walking, bicycling, trails, active transportation, active recreation, and active tourism and community health, and injury reduction.

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Time, Location, Details

2021 Missouri Active Transportation Summit, August 13th, 2021, 9:00am-5:00pm.


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  • All sessions will be held online.  You can connect via telephone dial-in, smart phone, or computer. Sessions will recorded so you can watch later if you miss anything.  Instructions and full schedule will be emailed to registered participants.




Summit Partners & Supporters


Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, Missouri Chapter

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals - Missouri Chapter

City of Jefferson City

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Missouri Department of
Health & Senior Services 

Missouri Livable Streets

Missouri Livable Streets

Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation MORIT

Horner & Shifrin

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 Presented by: The Association of Bicycle & Pedestrian Professionals, Missouri Chapter - Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation - Missouri Livable Streets - Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services 

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