SURVEY: MoBikeFed legislative agenda for 2013--what do you think?

Note: Last day to complete this survey was Friday, January 4th - look for the summary of results to be announced the following week.

We need YOUR feedback about our legislative priorities and direction for the 2013 legislative session! 

Thanks to your support, MoBikeFed has been able to pass no less than 31 of the planks in its Legislative Platform in the past 17 years (and no less than 28 in the past eight years since first hired Jim Farrell, our lobbyist in Jefferson City).

Now we are planning and prioritizing our legislative platform for 2013--and we need your help and advice.

How much--or how little!--do you support the following legislative ideas?  And do you have any ideas for statewide legislation affecting bicycling, walking, and trails that are not listed below?

Strongly OpposeOpposeNeutralSupportStrongly SupportVery Strongly Support
Safe Streets Law: Increase penalties and points when bad/unsafe driving injures or kills
Law requiring safe passing of bicyclists, with minimum passing distance of 3 feet
Include bicycle sales in Missouri's annual back-to-school sales tax holiday - encouraging bicycle sales and helping Missouri's bicycle retailers
Law making bicycle and pedestrian skills and training a regular part of the public school curriculum
Update and modernize Missouri's bicycle law, update 'ride to the right' to more modern and rational requirements, update and modernize bicycle light and reflector requirements
Law banning texting while driving for all drivers
Law requiring safe passing of bicyclists, with minimum passing distance of 5 feet
Law banning harassment of and throwing objects at bicyclists and pedestrians
Include a fair share for bicycling and walking in any new funding source for Missouri transportation
Find out more details about the above options on our Legislative Platform page.
Additional ideas for bicycle, pedestrian, or trails related legislation Missouri General Assembly or concerns you would like to see addressed through statewide legislation or policy change, either this year or in the future.
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