Same Roads-Same Rights License Plate design--what's your preference?

Based on your input, we have revised the design of the Same Roads-Same Rights license plate in support of bicycling in Missouri.

In our previous poll of bicyclists in Missouri, the most-favored design (by far!) is one like this:


So now we are down to the details.

Some of the details can't be changed at this time--the "Missouri" name, "Same Roads - Same Rights" slogan, and the "Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation" words are set by act of the Missouri General Assembly.  They are all set in stone and can't be changed at all.  And they will be typeset in fonts set by the Department of Revenue's graphic design program and standards--so those elements may end up being slightly different in appearance than shown above.

However, we can still make changes to the design of the cyclist--so we would like your input on that final decision. Of these three designs, which do you prefer?


Design #1:


  Advantages of Design #1:

- Silhouetted cyclist could be any cyclist--male or female, etc

- Black silhouette pops out as more visible when printed out license-plate size and placed on an actual motor vehicle


Design #2:

Advantages of Design #2:

- Silhouetted cyclist could be any cyclist, male or female, etc

- Blue silhouette color harmonizes with the rest of the design


Design #3:

Advantages of Design #3:

- More colorful

- Cyclist is more clearly a real person


- Profile is not as strong as with silhouettes; may not be as clearly identifiable as a cyclist when viewed from a distance

- Cyclist is more clearly one particular cyclist rather than "could be anyone"

I hate it!I dislike itIt's OKI like itI love it!
Design #1 (black silhouette)
Design #2 (blue silhouette)
Design #3 (not a silhouette)
Can you think of any improvements to the designs above? Any other designs or specialty plates you would like to see?
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