Present a session - 2019 Missouri Active Transportation Summit

Sessions are set for the 2019 Active Transportation Summit.  Please start thinking about your ideas for the 2020 Summit, August 7th, 2020 in Jefferson City!


The 2019 Missouri Active Transportation Summit is Friday, August 9th, 2019 in Columbia. 

Would you like to tell the story of your bicycle, pedestrian, or trails program, project, or success? Or present on any topic related to bicycling, walking, or trails in Missouri?

The Summit Session proposal deadline is officially past, but we will be making final decisions on session in early June. If you would like to submit a session proposal (or have been invited to do so), please go ahead and submit; we will receive and consider the proposal.

Contact - 816-695-6736 with any questions.

Presentation requirements and suggestions

We are particularly interested in sessions that include panel presentations or otherwise provide a variety of viewpoints on a particular topic or issue.

We are particularly interested in sessions that speak to one or more of our identified Summit themes:

  • Trail Towns: Preparing your community invite trail and non-motorized tourism and to maximize the benefit of Katy Trail, Rock Island Trail, or other trail tourism and economic development
  • Complete Streets & Liveable Streets in Missouri: Building support for, passing, and implementing your Complete Streets policy
  • Tourism and the economic impact of bicycling, walking, and trails: What is the economic importance of bicycling, walking, and trails to your community, and what can you do to maximize the economic impact to your community and to Missouri?
  • Health and Safety impacts of bicycling, walking, and trails
  • Making bicycling, walking, and trails succeed in rural, suburban, and urban settings, and small, medium, and large communities across Missouri

Sessions are 40-50 minutes long and should include time for audience Q&A or other audience interaction.

If you have a shorter presentation in mind, please submit it! We can combine two more more related shorter presentations into one session.

Suggestion: Write & edit your summit title, summary, and bio information offline and copy/paste into this form. That way you have an editable copy you can save, and your work will not be lost in case something goes awry on form submission.

Suggestion: Email or text 816-695-6736 just to confirm form submission. Also, you will receive an email confirmation if the form was submitted successfully. We don't want to miss your session proposal because the internet ate it!

Your Contact Information
Information for the primary presenter/primary contact for your presentation.
Preferably the phone you will have with you the day of the Expo.
What is the proposed title of your session?
Tell us about your session--what is the topic, what will you talk about, why is it important, how will you engage your audience?
Tell a little bit about yourself (primary presenter/contact for this presentation), who you work for or represent, and what you interest and expertise in bicycle, pedestrian, and trails issue is. This may be used as the basis for your bio in the program.
Please list name, affiliation (if applicable), and bio information for any co-presenters besides the primary presenter/contact for your presentation.
Preferred amount of time for your presentation, EXCLUDING Q&A. Sessions run 40-50 minutes; we may combine two or more presentations into one session if possible, so submitting proposals designed for shorter time periods is encouraged.
Depending on the number of quality presentation proposals, we may ask presenters to condense their presentations so that we can combine two or more into a single session. What is the minimum amount of time you need to cover your most important points?