The ProBicycle web site recently posted a comment criticizing the planned Riverfront Heritage Trail.

Randy Niere, KC-area bicycle activist who has been involved with trail planning, responds: The [Kansas City] trail you are critical of is largely funded by the EPA and utilizes land that has lain fallow after remediation for various toxic spills. It also runs on the streets for a respectable distance as well as multipurpose trail. The bridge you are lambasting allows access to a historic site that has been cut off by a huge rail corridor. Of course that doesn't quite fit your description/agenda, but there you are... right there on the side of a city councilman who is a STRONG proponent of taking bikes off Kansas City streets. Good thing we got it all passed before you loaded his gun for him.

(Note that funding for the Riverfront Heritage Trail is currently under review by MARC, instruction for making public comment is on their web page.)