Cyclist, MoBikeFed member Wayne Goode ends MO senate career

Senator Wayne Goode, who is a member of Missouri Bicycle Federation and who has been one of the key negotiators and supporters in the highway safety legislation supported this year by MoBikeFed, is featured in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article:
Sen. Wayne Goode, who has represented part of north St. Louis County for 42 years, is spending his last week hammering legislation into law. Term limits will end Goode's political career, which began when he was barely 25. . . .

Wayne Goode is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 160 pounds. Every day he takes a vitamin, a calcium tablet and a capsule that keeps his joints limber. He has run or worked out at the UMSL gym for the past 40 years. He and his wife, Jane, bike in Europe every summer - covering 35 or 40 miles on good days. . . .

Goode said he and his wife have wondered what's next. He's not interested in being a lobbyist or teacher, and he doubts he'd run for another office. Goode said he would be willing to serve on a "meaningful" board like the University of Missouri Board of Curators or the state Highway and Transportation Commission.

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