Why do bicyclists need a representative in Jefferson City?

The Missouri Bicycle Federation, in cooperation with bicycle clubs and organizations across the state, is planning to hire a representative to promote the interests of bicycling during the 2005 Missouri legislative session.

Why do bicyclists need a representative in Jefferson City?

Having a representative in Jefferson City full time during the legislative session will give bicycling in Missouri statewide credibility and visibility. It will help to give Missouri bicycling legitimacy and help to defend our right to ride on the road.

The Missouri Bicycle Federation has worked with members of the Missouri General Assembly for the past two years to pass important legislation dealing with bicycle and pedestrian safety. We have had a degree of success each year--the legislation has twice passed the Missouri Senate, but made little or no headway in the House.

It has become increasingly clear both from our experience and from advice from bicycle-friendly legislators like Senator Wayne Goode (currently serving on MoBikeFed's legislative drafting committee) that it is almost impossible to work in Jefferson City by "remote control." We need a person on the ground in the Capitol who knows the personalities involved, who can make connections, keep the pressure on and monitor developments.

In short, we need a representative in Jefferson City to promote the interests of Missouri bicyclists.

How can you help?

  1. Join or renew your MoBikeFed membership. Our members are our greatest source of strength.
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