FACT SHEET: What will be in MoBikeFed's 2005 proposed legislation?

The Missouri Bicycle Federation has been working on a multi-year legislative strategy to help make Missouri's streets safer and more inviting for bicyclists and pedestrians.

MoBikeFed, in cooperation with Missouri bicycle clubs and organizations, is planning to hire a representative to promote the interests of Missouri bicyclists before the Missouri legislature during the 2005 legislative session.

One of the main responsibilities of James Farrell, who will be our representative in Jefferson City, will be to move forward MoBikeFed's legislative agenda.

Based on past years' experience, our strategy this year is to put forward a noncontroversial bill that will clear up several troublesome and potentially troublesome issues.

In future years will will build on this success in future years to work to pass some of the more far-reaching proposals in our platform, such as criminal penalties for drivers who hurt or kill, greater driver license points for those who cause accidents, and a "complete streets" bill.

The 2005 bill is planned to include these provisions:

  • update Missouri's "highest degree of care" provision to include both pedestrians and bicyclists so as to conform to the Uniform Vehicle code (currently Missouri law includes only pedestrians)
  • include a safe passing provision for motorists passing pedestrians and bicyclists
  • allow bicyclists to signal right turn with the right arm
  • regulate bike lane usage (in a bicycle-friendly way)
  • clarify that bicyclists riding on the road shoulder is not illegal
  • update the definition of a bicycle to include tricycles and quadracycles

Please understand that as the legislative session progresses, details of the bill, and even the topics addressed, are almost certain to change. For better or worse, that is the legislative process.

But with Mr. Farrell work to represent our interests in Jefferson City, we will have a much greater chance of keeping more of what we want and need to make Missouri friendlier and safer for bicycling.

How can you help?

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