Teens Don't Recognize the Danger of Drugged Driving, Officials Say

According to a KC infoZine article:
The leading cause of death for those under 21 is accidental injury, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, most of which result from automobile crashes. Over 10 years, the number of teenage drivers increased 7 percent, while the number of teenage traffic fatalities went up 13 percent, according to 2003 NHTSA statistics.

Officials say crashes are not just a result of inexperience and speed - alcohol and prohibited drugs, especially marijuana, are often at fault.

"There is this misperception that you can drive stoned," said Steve Wallace, chief executive officer of Students Against Destructive Decisions. "I call it, the phantom menace."

According to a SADD study, 30 percent of teens cited "planning to drive" as a reason not to drink, while only 18 percent said the same thing about marijuana.