Why MoBikeFed is working to DOUBLE its membership this month

A message from MoBikeFed President Brent Hugh. You can join MoBikeFed--or give a gift membership--here.

MoBikeFed members & supporters,

Why is MoBikeFed interested in growing its membership so dramatically?

As I have mentioned before, we started out by asking our peer groups around the country how they achieved organizational stability and success in making their states better for bicycling.

Without exception, their answer has been, move to full-time, professional staff.

I know you're thinking--What? Waste money? Haven't we gotten along for ten years on volunteer power?

Yes, we've gotten along for ten years as a small, low key, low budget organization (and yes, an amazingly effective one considering how small, low key, and low budget).

But--we've imploded once already.

And we've been operating for the past 2.5 years with a half-time unpaid staff person (me) who was happy, for that period, to do the work as an unpaid volunteer.

But now that period has come to an end. And unless we do something, we will again implode.

Without this half-time position (which up to now has been a volunteer position, but will no longer be able to continue on that basis), MoBikeFed will be almost completely ineffective.

The momentum we've built up over the past couple of years will dissipate.

We don't want that.

I sent around an article a few months ago that explains the issue: Local groups can be run by volunteers because everyone lives close, gets together for events, and has social contact.

But statewide groups just can't operate that way. A board that sees each other 4 times a year or less (as our board does) just can't keep the fires alight.

Read the complete article about this issue here.

So how do we get there without continually pestering our members and bothering them about fund raising?

Well, the answer is simply, a much larger membership.

That is how other states do it (remember--I found this out by asking them).

With 1000 members (our goal for this year) we could move towards a 1/4 time paid executive director AND continue to pay our lobbyist during the legislative session.

As you know, Jim Farrell acting as our lobbyist this year was amazingly effective.

With even a part time paid executive director, we will be able to continue and expand the bicycling advocacy and educational objectives MoBikeFed has going now.

1000 members (about 900 of them new) is a very achievable goal, based on what other advocacy organizations in other states have done.

And--with 1000 members we can do this. Easily.

With 100 members, maybe we could do it, but only with great pain and suffering. With 1000 members, it becomes easy.

So that's what we're shooting for--EFFECTIVE but PAIN-FREE!

Again, thank you for your continuing support of MoBikeFed.

And, again, the best way you can help MoBikeFed right now is poke, prod, pester, bully, or do whatever it takes, to encourage your bicycling friends to join MoBikeFed.

It really does help moving bicycling forward in Missouri.