Bike commuting to UMSL

Benjamin Israel of the University of Missouri-St. Louis writes:
I know it's unusual for a 55-year-old, but I bicycle the five miles from my home to UM-St. Louis. I like it. It's better for me and for the world in general. Besides I enjoy it. . . .

There is a big correlation between how much I ride and how much I weigh.

I discovered a bigger health bonus when I was diagnosed with arthritis. My rheumatologist looked at my x-rays and said that she was amazed that I could walk without difficulty. The only reason, she said, was that I ride my bike so much. That gives me even more motivation to ride.

So think about it. I don't need a parking permit. I save money. I pollute less. I'm healthier. After all, if a 55-year-old arthritic can do it, maybe you should try it as well. Oh, and you can take your bike on MetroLink or on the bus.