First complete hike of American Discovery Trail

Ken and Marcia Powers have announced the completion of the first complete, continuous hike across the American Discovery Trail.

The Trail follows the Lewis & Clark Route and then the Santa Fe Trail Route through Missouri.

Do any of the issues they bring up below sound familiar to Missouri bicyclists? No signs or markings, no facilities in too many places:

The walk thru St Louis is full of beautiful houses, both new and old. The problem is that we saw very few services - food, restrooms, places to sit down. . . .

We haven't seen any ADT markers or blazes in MO. The Katy Trail was straight forward. We just happened on the access trail and other trail users helped guide us.

We needed blazes today. The trail disappeared in a soybean field. We wasted time and steps looking, then we ended up on the alternate trail. . . .

We continued through residental areas on straight road that went up and down over the hills. We found lots of coins again (35 cents to Ken's 1 cent) but no place to spend them...and no public facilities for miles.