Robert Osborn Vigil and Memorial Ride: "Safe Streets, Safe City"

Time: Vigil at 11 AM, Sunday, December 11th, 2005; Memorial Ride immediately afterward (weather conditions permitting)
Robert Osborn

Meeting Place: Parking lot of HyVee, 4545 Noland Rd, Independence, Missouri
Route: 8 miles, including Robert's usual bicycling commuting route

Who is invited:
  • Anyone (bicyclist or not) who would like to meet in support Robert's family and friends and in support of safer streets and a safer city
  • Bicyclists who would like to ride in memory of Robert and in support of safer routes and a safer city.
Kansas City area bicyclists and citizens are planning to meet and ride in memory of Robert Osborn, who was murdered two weeks ago while riding his bicycle home from work, and in support of safer routes and a safer city.

I hope you will come out and ride in support of the ride's message, "Safe Streets, Safe City" (suggested by Robert's brother Rich), and in support of this committed bicyclist, who was so senselessly and needlessly murdered, and of his family.

Some of Robert's friends & family will be there to talk about Robert and his life for a few minutes starting at 11AM.

Then the Memorial Ride will follow Robert's usual bicycle commuting route home and some of the other roads he often rode in the area.

Robert was a committed transportational bicyclist who usually bicycled to work and often bicycled to other destinations around the Kansas City area.

The memorial ride is jointly sponsored by the Missouri Bicycle Federation and the Greater Kansas City Bicycle Federation.

--Brent Hugh
Executive Director
Missouri Bicycle Federation, Inc.