Springfield Bicycle Summit this weekend

According to a Springfield News-Leader article:
Ozark Greenways, the Ozarks Transportation Organization and the Advocacy Committee of Springbike Bicycle Club are holding the very first Springfield Area Bicycle Summit from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 8.

Area business and agency leaders will meet to discuss how the Springfield area might develop to become a more bicycle-friendly community in the future. . . .

Planners of the summit hope to build interest and support to develop the Springfield area as a bicycle-friendly community through public policy, community involvement and agency partnerships, which encourage both public and private investments.
MoBikeFed Executive Director Brent Hugh will attend the summit and lead some sessions.

Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission Chair James Anderson will give the keynote address.

The "Bicycle Summit", designed to get an entire community on track to better bicycle accommodation, is catching on in Missouri. MoBikeFed representatives recently attended the "World Class Cycling Summit" in Wentzville, Kansas City is planning a Summit in May 2008, and St. Joseph is considering a summit this fall as well. Cape Girardeau and Maryville are working on bicycle plans, and the Springfield city council recently adopted a far-ranging bicycle plan.

A key unifying factor in these summits is the desire to get communities on track with the nationally recognized Bicycle Friendly Communities program.