Ballot initiative to ban bicyclists from Iowa roads

A petition has begun to collect signatures for the Citizens for Safety Coalition of Iowa to place a question on the ballot to ban bicyclists from farm to market roads. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition opposes banning bicyclists, but echoes the need for greater safety.

Iowa governments have tools to address roadway safety for motorists and bicyclists. Safety improvements are accomplished with roadway design changes, improved signage, better enforcement, education programs, and awareness building. Bike bans are not the answer.

Existing traffic laws provide a framework for different modes of traffic to share the road. State traffic laws provide consistent expectations for safe behavior on public roadways throughout the state for all roadway users.

Bike bans would have an extreme economic impact. A recent economic impact study of RAGBRAI showed $24 million during the week-long bike ride. Bicycle tourism, including charity fundraisers, are estimated to generate as much or more than RAGBRAI during the other weeks of the year.

Bicycle bans would have an extreme impact on the health of Iowans. Recent studies by the Alliance for Bicycling and Walking have shown relationships between states with high rates of bicycling have a healthier population including lower rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition remains firm that we don't need bicycle bans, but we do need to increase safety. Safety may be increased through better roadway design, better enforcement, more education and awareness programs. Increasing safety for bicyclists and motorists can make a bigger impact on Iowa's economy and health.

Members of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition have defeated bike bans before. If we want to improve safety and defeat this effort, bicyclists need to join the Iowa Bicycle Coalition.

Best rides,

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