Iowa: Bicycling has $365 million annual economic impact, saves $87 million in health care costs

A study organized by the Iowa Bicycle Coalition found that bicycling in Iowa generates $365 million annually in economic impact to the state and saves $87 million annually in health care costs:

The study cites the economic impact of recreational cyclists’ spending to generate $364.8 million in direct and indirect impacts to the State of Iowa. This is equivalent to $1 million per day spent for cycling.

“The return on investment was much larger than expected.  We know that communities recognize the impact that an event like RAGBRAI has on the local economy.   But what about the rest of the year when cyclists aren’t concentrated on one route?” said Mark Wyatt, executive director of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition.  

Download the full report, Economic and Health Benefits of Bicycling (PDF), or read more on the RAGBRAI web site.