Annual Reports for 2010

Thanks to your membership and support, 2010 has been one of the most productive years ever for the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation and for the Missouri Foundation for Bicycling and Walking.

Missouri delegation at the National Bike Summit
Missouri delegation at the National Bike Summit

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Thanks to the support of members like you, the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation has had its best and most productive year ever in 2010, working to implement the ambitious agenda of our Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri.  

Our annual reports summarize what your membership and donations have been accomplishing this year:

Highlights from those reports are below.

MoBikeFed Annual Report Highlights

  • MoBikeFed worked with local and national organizations to put a stop to the proposed St Charles County Bicycle Ban.
    Missouri River Bridge Bike/Ped Path Grand Opening, October 2010
    Missouri River Bridge Bike/Ped Path Grand Opening, October 2010

  • MoBikeFed worked with other organizations to create support for three major bike/ped bridges across the Missouri River--two in the Kansas City area opened this fall and one in Jefferson City currently under construction.
  • MoBikeFed worked with Missouri elected officials of both parties to usher a $1 million appropriation for the Tour of Missouri through both house of the Missouri General Assembly (unfortunately, later rejected by Governor Nixon).
  • The number of Complete Streets Policies in Missouri has doubled in 2010--from five to ten.
  • Advocated for anti-harassment ordinances--now the law in three Missouri cities.
  • Worked with organizations and individuals across Missouri to create, prioritize, and submit to MoDOT the state's first-ever Priority Bicycle, Pedestrian, and ADA Projects List that will help set our agenda for years to come.
  • National Bicycle Routes: Work to update and sign the TransAmerica Trail through Missouri is underway and Adventure Cycling has announce Missouri's sixth national bicycle route: the Route 66 Bicycle Trail.
  • MoDOT dramatically improved its pedestrian policies in 2010.
  • DNR is working to extend the Katy Trail on both the eastern and western ends.
  • Two new Bicycle Friendly Communities in Missouri in 2010 (for a total of five) and the first eight Bicycle Friendly Businesses announced.
  • Held a successful Bicycle and Pedestrian Day at the Capitol in Jefferson City.
  • Organized the largest-ever delegation to the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC, where we visited members of Missouri's congressional delegation.

Join MoBikeFed, renew your membership, or make a donation here. The Federation's full 2010 Annual Report is here.

Missouri Foundation for Bicycling and Walking Annual Report Highlights

  • Created and organized the Missouri Safe Routes to School Network, with over 100 organizations, officials, and individuals from all parts of Missouri working together for policy change in support of children bicycling and walking to school (more details below).
    League Cycling Class with MoDOT staff
    League Cycling Class with MoDOT staff

  • Encouraged participation in International Walk to School Day--participation tripled in Missouri in 2010.
  • Created an on-bicycle, on-street bicycle education program for traffic engineers and planners, and successfully taught it to a group of engineers and planners from MoDOT. 
  • Taught bicycle education and safety classes and clinics across Missouri, based on the League of American Bicyclists Bike Education program. 
  • Created and found start-up funding for an intensive in-class, on-bicycle course that will be taught to more than 1000 Missouri middle school studentsover the next two years. 
  • Provided expertise and technical assistance for other bicycle & pedestrian organizations across Missouriin applying for grants and writing grant applications.
  • Provided assistance to groups and agencies across the state with bicycle and pedestrian-related planning and policy making.

Donations to the Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, are tax-deductible.  Click here to make a donation to the Foundation here.  The Foundation's Complete 2010 Annual Report is here.

Missouri Safe Routes to School Network Progress Report Highlights

The Missouri Foundation for Bicycling and Walking operates the Missouri Safe Routes to School Network, which is part of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership's State Network Project.

The State Network Project brings together state leaders to remove barriers to walking and bicycling to and from school. Safe Routes to School (SRTS) State Networks in nineteen states and DC are working to increase physical activity, ensure that federal SRTS funds are spent on quality projects, work to leverage additional state resources for SRTS initiatives, and advocate to remove barriers to walking and bicycling to schools through policy initiatives

States in the Network Project were chosen on a competitive basis. Missouri's SRTS Network formed in January 2010.

  • Building the Missouri SRTS Network: Missouri has built a strong Network with over 100 organizations, agencies, and elected officials 
    Walk to School Day 2010 in Missouri
    Walk to School Day 2010 in Missouri
  • Walk to School Day 2010 participation nearly triples: The number of Missouri schools report Walk to School Day events on the International Walk to School web site went from 15 in 2009 to 44 in 2010.  
  • Presentation to Missouri Planners: On October 6th, 2010, MoDOT Safe Routes to School Coordinator John Schaefer and Missouri SRTS Network Organizer Brent Hugh gave a joint presentation at the annual meeting of the Missouri Chapter of the American Association of Planners. 
  • School Bus Funding/Transportation Funding Formulas: The Action Team requested and received a detailed analysis of existing Missouri Transportation Funding Formulas from the National Policy and Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity (NPLAN). The analysis gives four specific policy changes the Missouri Network can work to implement, which will fundamentally change the culture of school transportation to encourage and favor more bicycling and walking, rather than disincentivizing bicycling and walking, as current policies do. The Action Team is now working to find the best way to refine and implement these changes.
  • Low-Income Communities: In summer 2010 the Missouri Network also began an intensive research project to identify how SRTS is or is not currently serving low-income and minority populations.  Initial findings indicate that both low-income schools and minority schools are not applying for and receiving Safe Routes to School funding in Missouri at the same levels other schools.  The Action Team is currently working to identify and implement strategies to address this issue.
  • School Siting: Recognizing that the location of schools within a community has a powerful effect on the ability of children to safely bicycle and walk to school, the Network is working with key contacts from the National Trust for Historic Preservation to develop a strategy for school siting Missouri.

The above summaries list only a few of the highlights of the Missouri Safe Routes to School Network's work in 2010. Each of the twelve Action Teams has made significant progress in researching the current situation in Missouri, identifying specific action steps, and working to implement them.  

The twelve Safe Routes to School Network Action Teams:

  1. Complete Streets Policies
  2. SRTS Champions
  3. Bicycle/Pedestrian Curriculum & Large Scale Instruction
  4. SRTS Statewide Non-Infrastructure Plan & Application Guidelines
  5. SRTS Mass Communication
  6. Underserved Communities & Personal Safety 
  7. School Wellness Policies
  8. Educate key policy makers and groups about SRTS
  9. Joint Use Agreements & School Siting Policies
  10. School Bus Funding/Transportation Funding Formulas
  11. SRTS Data Gathering & Analysis
  12. Strategic Highway Safety Plans

Donations to the Missouri Foundation for Bicycling and Walking help support the Missouri SRTS Network and are tax deductible.  To find out more about the Network or join one of the Network's Action Teams, visit the Missouri SRTS Network home page. The Network's 2010 Progress Report is here.

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