Missouri General Assembly Update: Complete Streets, Safe Passing of Bicyclists, Bike/Ped Holidays

Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation Executive Director Brent Hugh and our representative in Jefferson City, Jim Farrell, are at the Capitol today testifying at the committee hearing in support of the 2011 Complete Streets Resolution.

Here is an update of the main legislative initiatives affecting bicyclists and pedestrians in the Missouri General Assembly this year:

Hearing today on the Complete Streets Resolution - HCR 23

The Complete Streets Resolution, HCR 23, sponsored by Rep. Sally Faith, was heard this morning in the House Transportation Funding and Public Institutions Committee.Rep. Sally Faith

The hearing went very well, with committee members asking many questions of Rep. Faith and Brent Hugh of the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation.

Also testifying in support were representatives of the American Heart Association, Great Rivers Greenway District, Jan Neitzert of the Missouri Parks and Recreation Association, Jim Schultz, Mayor Pro Tem of the city of Independence, and Shawn d'aBreu of ParaQuad.

A long list of organizations from across Missouri submitted statements of support, which Hugh delivered to Rep. Faith.

The committee will most likely vote on the resolution next Thursday, February 24th, so if you would like to submit a letter of support or call or email committee members there is still time.

A sample letter of support is here and the list of committee members here (click through for email & phone numbers).



Safe Passing of Bicycles Bill Fails House Committee Vote

The bill requiring motorists to pass bicyclists with a safe distance, minimum three feet, failed in a vote of the Missouri House Transportation Committee Wednesday.Rep. David Sater

The bill is HB 33, sponsored by Rep. David Sater.

The bill was to amend Missouri's current law to fix two serious problems in the current safe passing of bicyclists law and also add the provision that the safe passing distance is in no case less than three feet.

Voting against the bill were Representatives Denison, Faith, Cookson, Hinson, Long, Schieffer, and Stream.

Voting for were Fallert, Hough, Meadows, and McDonald.

If you would like to contact committee members about this bill, the committee contact list is here. Please be polite and persuasive when you write or call.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Holidays Bill passes Missouri Senate Committee, introduced in House
The bill to make Bike Month, Walk to School Month, and other bicycle and pedestrian days and weeks an official part of the state calendar has passed the Senate Health, Mental Health, Seniors, and Families Committee.  The bill is moving forward as a consent bill, which is the most favorable way for a bill to move forward.  

The bill is SB 180, sponsored by Senator Will Kraus.

Rep. Noel Torpey has introduced parallel legislation in the House, HB 472. Having a separate house bill will help the bill move through the legislative process faster.

Rep. Noel Torpey                     Senator Will Kraus 

Rep. Torpey                               Sen. Kraus