Bicycle Missouri Customized License Plates: Frequently Asked Questions

Bicycle Missouri License Plate
Bicycle Missouri License Plate
Frequently asked questions and answers about ordering the Bicycle Missouri specialized license plate.

Q: Do I need to wait until renewal time for my current plates to order the Bicycle Missouri plates?

A: You may order the Bicycle Missouri plates at any time regardless of your current license plate expiration date. 

All specialty plates expire in July of each year (except heavy trucks, which expire in December). The Department of Revenue will either exchange the new Bicycle Missouri Plate for your surrendered plate (if your expiration date happens to be in July) or prorate your annual vehicle registration fees (if your expiration month is different). You won't ever end up paying double fees for your annual vehicle registration.

The situation for the specialty plate fees themselves is slightly different.  The Department of Revenue doesn't pro-rate their $15 annual fee for specialty plates.  We offer a discounted rate for the first year's plates which more than offsets that cost, however!

Emblem Use Certificates are valid for 90 days, so if you purchase your plates immediately before or during July, you can re-print and present your Emblem Use Certificate again for renewal (and many license offices appear to renew the plate through July and pro-rate the fees appropriately, for cases where your renewal will be just slightly longer than one year or two years).

Q: Is there an advantage to waiting until I need to renew my current plates?

A: No, because there is an unpredictable delay between the time your plate is ordered and it arrives--each set of plates is custom manufactured.  So even if you try, you may or may not be able to time the arrival of your custom plates with your plate renewal, and the Department of Revenue follows the same procedure (exchange plates or pro-rate your fees; change your registration renewal date to July [or December for heavy trucks]) regardless.

Q: Does the Bicycle Missouri plate include a personalized plate number?

A: Yes, it includes a personalized plate number--no extra charge beyond the charge for the Bicycle Missouri plates

Q: Can I find out which personalized plate numbers are already taken or available?

A: The Department of Revenue recently created this page that allows you to try out personalized plate letter/number combinations and find out if they are taken or still available.  There are some caveats to using that online page for our plates--read about the caveats on our Form 1716 instructions page.

Q: How much do the plates cost?

A:  The fee to MoBikeFed is $30 for one year registration or $55 for two year registration. You pay this Emblem Use Fee on our order page.  In addition, you must pay a $15/year specialty plate fee to the Department of Revenue. 

For new plates, you pay this $15/yr fee by check or money order payable to the "Missouri Department of Revenue" and include it when you mail your Emblem Use Certificate and Form 1716 to the Missouri Department of Revenue. For renewal plates, you pay the $15/yr specialty plate fee at your license office when renewing your plates.

These fees are in addition to your regular annual vehicle licensing and registration fees.

So to sum up, once you get your plates, your registration fees will look like this:

  • Regular annual vehicle registration fees (that you are already paying)
  • Additional $15/year to the Missouri Department of Revenue (specialty plate fee)
  • Additional $30/year (or $55/two years) to MoBikeFed (emblem use certificate fee)

Q: Should I order a one-year or a two-year plate?

Anyone may order a one-year plate.  Vehicle owners may obtain two year registration for an even model year vehicle in an even calendar year, or for an odd model year vehicle in an odd calendar year.  More info.

Whichever type of plate your are ordering (one year or two year), you should order the corresponding Emblem Use Certificate from MoBikeFed.

Q: What to I do with my Emblem Use Certificate and completed Form 1716?

A: Send the Emblem Use Certificate and your completed Form 1716, along with the a check or money order payable to "Missouri Department of Revenue" for your $15 per year personalized plate fee to Missouri Department Of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Bureau, Personalized License Plate Section, PO Box 569, Jefferson City MO 65105-0569.

Q: Am I required to choose a personalized plate number?

A: Yes, the Department of Revenue cannot issue ordinary plate numbers for these plates.  Please read Step 3 of Form 1716 carefully and indicate your personalized number choices under Step 3.

Of course, you are not required to choose a recognizable word or the like--you can just choose a more or less random string of letters and/or numbers that most people will not even recognize as a personalized plate number.

Q: How many numbers/letters may I have in my personalized plate number?

A: The number of digits allowed depends on the type of plate you are ordering:

  • For ordinary Bicycle Missouri plates, you can have no more than six characters (with no space) OR five characters plus a dash, apostrophe, or space.
  • If your plate includes a wheelchair symbol it is four characters (with no space) OR three characters plus a dash, apostrophe, or space.
  • Motorcycle plates can have no more than five characters (with no space) OR four characters plus a dash, apostrophe, or space.
  • Motorcycle plates including a wheelchair symbol can have no more than three characters (with no space) OR two characters plus a dash, apostrophe, or space.

Before choosing your personalized plate number choices, please read the instructions in Step 3 of Form 1716 carefully.  Note that the bicycle design is considered an "emblem" for purposes of Form 1716.

Q: I have an existing personalized plate with a personalized plate number.  Can I switch and keep the current personalized number?

A: Yes, you can just transfer the current personalization over.  When you mail your Emblem Use Certificate and your Form 1716 to to the Department of Revenue, also include a signed statement on a separate piece of paper that says:

I currently have plate 0XYZ as a [whatever type of plate it is] plate and I will surrender that plate when I pick up my new 0XYZ Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation plate. 

Q: Can I order the plates for my motorcycle?

A: Yes!

Q: How about my truck?

A: Oh, yes--any type of truck or RV.

Q: When will I receive my plates?

A: Once you have submitted your Emblem Use Certificate and your Completed Form 1716 to the Department of Revenue and the Department has approved your application and entered your info into their computer system, it generally takes 4-6 weeks to receive your new personalized Bicycle Missouri plates back.

Q: How long is the Emblem Use Certificate valid for?  What do I do if my Emblem Use Certificate has expired but I still haven't applied for the plates?

The Department of Revenue accepts the Emblem Use Certificates for 90 days after the date on the form. 

If your Emblem Use Certificate is more than 90 days old but you haven't applied for the plates yet, just contact us and we will get an updated form to you.  (816-336-2550 or director [at]

Q: I purchased the plates a long time ago but never got around to finishing the paperwork to get the plates.  What do I do now?

You don't need to pay us again--just contact us and ask for a current copy of your Emblem Use Authorization.  We'll email or mail that to you.  Then complete the steps to fill out and submit your Form 1716 along with your Emblem Use Authorization and $15/year specialty plate payment to DoR and your new plates will be on the way!

Q: What will the plates look like?

A: The graphic shown at the top of this page is the final, approved proof that the Department of Revenue will use to create our new Bicycle Missouri plates.

Q: Is the license plate fee tax deductible?

A: Since the funds go to the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation, which is a 501(c)4 corporation, the license fee is *not* tax deductible.

Q: Does the license plate fee include Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation membership?

A: No--though we certainly invite you to become a member as well!

Q: What is my plate donation used for?

A: The license plate is an investment in a safer and more bike-friendly Missouri!

Proceeds from plate sales go directly to support the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation's state-wide safety and education programs for bicyclists and motorists.

Every plate purchased helps us expand and sustain programs like:

  • Bicycle safety and skills classes
  • Safe bicycling and walking to school
  • Motorist education to better share the road
  • Planning and supporting development of bicycle routes and trails across Missouri

Be the first in your city or neighborhood to have the cool new Bicycle Missouri license plate--order today!