Bicycle Missouri "Same Roads-Same Rights" License Plate - they're here!

Bicycle Missouri License Plates are here--at long last!  People in the first group to order started receiving their letters from the Department of Revenue this week and a few lucky people have already picked up their plates. 

If you haven't ordered your plates yet, now would be a great time--from here on out, the plates will be made up on order and will arrive 4-6 weeks after you order and submit your paperwork to the Department of Revenue.  Order here!

If you have ordered your plates already, check your mail--two letters have arrived from the Department of Revenue recently, or will be arriving soon.

If you're picking up your plates:

  • Read the letter carefully to see what you need to bring.  You'll need your vehicle title, the old plates (remove them from your vehicle), proof of insurance, and in some cases your proof of property tax paid and vehicle inspection certificate. 
  • If you are doing a two-year renewal, you may need to pay an extra $15 specialty plate fee (you paid $15 for the first year up front, but now you'll need to pay another $15 for the second year). 
  • Any other fees will be pro-rated.
  • Believe it or not, we first started working on the Bicycle Missouri plates in 2005.  It's great to see them finally become a reality! 

When you get your new plates, take a photo and send it to - we'd love to see your new plates!