ADVOCACY ALERT: Bicycle & Pedestrian Day at the Capitol today, contact your MO legislators


Bicycle & Pedestrian Day at the Capitol in Jefferson City is TODAY--Monday, April 8th. 

Supporters of bicycling and walking, like you, from all over Missouri are in Jefferson City today visiting the office of every state legislator and statewide elected official in the capitol.

April 8th--Capitol Day & Ride with Legislators
April 8th--Capitol Day & Ride with Legislators

Here is how you can help support us from home--just call or email your legislators (contact info below) TODAY with a message similar to this (personal messages are always best!):

Dear Senator ____ or Dear Representative ____

April 8th is Bicycle & Pedestrian Day at the Capitol.

I hope you'll welcome the representatives of bicycle, pedestrian, running, and trails groups from around Missouri who will be visiting your office today.

You can join them for the Legislators Bicycle Ride--bikes provided free, Capitol South Steps at 12:0pm.

Please support our bicycle and pedestrian friendly agenda this year.  We support inclusion of bicycle and pedestrian funding in any new funding for MoDOT and oppose efforts to ban bicycles from certain state highways. 

[Tell a brief story about why bicycling, walking, running, or trails are important to you and your community.]

Sincerely yours,

You can find the contact information for your state representative and senator here:

I always appreciate a CC or BCC on messages you send to your legislators:

Thanks for your support--together we're making a difference!