MoDOT Challenge to Cyclists: Tell us all the roads that need shoulders

Know a Missouri road that needs a shoulder?  Know a dozen of them?  

Submit them here--deadline is June 30th:

At a recent meeting with MoDOT Director Dave Nichols and heads of four major Missouri bicycle/pedestrian advocacy groups, we told him one of the top needs for bicyclists across Missouri was roads with good, bicycleable shoulders.

"Submit them!" he said.  "Submit them to our list.  Submit them all!"

So you've been challenge by MoDOT's leader: Submit every road in your area that needs a shoulder to the MoDOT list:

  • Roads that have too much traffic to bicycle regularly or safely without a bicycleable shoulder
  • Routes that your local bicycle group could take if only that one stretch of one road had a shoulder
  • Roads that have shoulders that are too narrow to safely use for bicycling
  • Roads that have a narrow shoulder and a rumble strip--where a wider shoulder would help
  • Bridges or overpasses that lack shoulders
  • Roads that mostly have shoulders--but the shoulders are missing in a few spots
  • Don't assume someone else has submitted your road--and even if they have, every submission is a like a 'vote' for adding a shoulder to your road.  So the more votes, the better.  Submit your shoulder need now!

You get the idea--submit EVERY Missouri road that needs a shoulder--and do it by MoDOT's deadline of June 30th, 2013.

Why bother--MoDOT won't do anything about it anyway . . . 

Actually, we've done this before, in 2010.  We created a large prioritized list of bicycle, pedestrian, and ADA needs across Missouri.

MoDOT listened--they spent several million dollars addressing the serious problems and safety issues identified in the list.  Now, three years later, more and more projects from the list are being planned, funded, and completed.

So . . . MoDOT would like to help make YOUR part of the state friendlier for bicycling.  But they need YOUR help to know what to do and where.  

MoDOT's Director has asked--will you help him identify your local roads that need shoulders?

When MoDOT asked before, they listened, they fixed serious problems.  Now they need your input again: