How do you stack up to a Tour de France rider?

With the Tour de France underway this week, Bicycling Magazine has put together a nice chart showing how the average bicyclist compares with the typical Tour de France rider:

Average speed on flat terrain     17–18 mph     25–28 mph      
Average speed on mountainous terrain     9–10 mph     21–25 mph     TV doesn't tell the real story: It's staggering to witness how fast pro cyclists go uphill. Their strength-to-weight ratios make these speeds possible.
Estimated average watts at threshold3     170–220     405–450     Depending on his size, a sprinter like Garmin-Cervelo's Tyler Farrar can produce more than 1,400 watts of power heading to the finish line.
Miles ridden in a week     75–140     700–800      
Calories consumed on a ride     200–4504     4,000–5,000     It's not unheard-of for a Tour rider to burn up to 8,000 calories during a single stage.