MODOT releases new statewide bicycle route maps -- Road and Route Info

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MoDOT has released new statewide bicycle route maps. The maps show traffic volume and shoulder availability, giving cyclists the information they need to make decisions about the best routes to take on bicycle trips.


In order to plan the safest route, on-road bicyclists must have as much information as possible about existing road conditions, especially regarding traffic volume and the location of paved shoulders. Other helpful information includes lane widths, elevations, scenic byways and amenities such as restaurants, park locations and lodging. Signs are extremely helpful to indicate route directions for designated bicycle routes, locations of shared use paths and directions to places of interest.

State Bicycle Maps

The state bicycle maps are drawn along MoDOT districts, named to indicate their location within the state. Download the bike maps for each region of the state by following the link to the MoDOT bicycle map page.

MoBikeFed comment: These statewide bicycle map updates have been a long time in coming--we are very pleased to have them!