MoDOT releases new statewide bicycle maps - free download

Updating Missouri's bicycle maps has been one of the top items in our Vision for Bicycling and Walking for quite some time. Now MoDOT has released a new version of their online maps that is a very significant update over previous versions.

  --> Click here to view and download the new MoDOT statewide bicycle maps in PDF format. <--

Missouri's first bicycle maps in recent history were printed maps of each MoDOT District released in the late 1990s.  In the mid 2000s, MoBikeFed and many of our allies across the state worked closely with MoDOT to create new online version of the bicycle maps with greatly updated information helpful to cyclists--including current traffic volume and the most accurate information about shoulders available. 

This new version is very much in the same mold, but all the information is updated to show the much greater availability of shoulders across MoDOT's road network in the intervening eight years or so.

Amendment 3 and then the federal highway stimulus spending refurbished many miles of highways across Missouri and added or widened many miles of shoulders.  The new maps show the newly updated and widened shoulders where they exist along with current traffic counts for all state highways across Missouri.

In addition, the map shows these features that may be useful bicycle travelers and tourists:

  • Katy Trail route
  • Frisco Highline Trail route
  • Trans America/USBR 76 bicycle route
  • Amtrak stations
  • Bus stations
  • Camping locations
  • Hospitals

Altogether, it is the state bicycle map like the one that many other states make available and update routinely.  Now we have a good state bicycle map in Missouri, too--and a plan to keep the map updated regularly from now on.

Many thanks to MoDOT, and particularly MoDOT Nonmotorized Transportation Engineer Ron Effland, for working to update and release these new state bicycle maps.

We are working with MoDOT to see if it is possible to make a printed version of the maps available for order--stay tuned!

Note: The maps were developed by MoDOT during the period 2013-2014 (you'll notice a date of 2013 on the maps). They were silently released on MoDOT website late in 2014 but this is the first public announcement of the availability of the new maps that we've been encouraging MoDOT to update for many years.  This is the first major update to the MoDOT statewide bicycle maps that were created in about 2006.

Encouraging the regular release of new & improved statewide bicycle maps is one of goals of MoBikeFed's Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri.  Your ongoing membership and support help make our Vision become reality!