"Bicyclists Get a Lift from MoDOT Maps"

MoDOT's new draft state bicycle map was the subject of an article in the Columbia Tribune:
The Missouri Department of Transportation is developing its first maps specifically for bicyclists wishing to travel throughout the state using pedal power.

The maps, now in their first drafts, show the approximate traffic volume for state roads and mark roads that have paved shoulders. MoDOT is accepting public comment on the proposed maps.

The maps are designed to help cyclists plan routes between towns or across the state, said Caryn Giarratano, coordinator of the pedestrian and cyclist program for MoDOT. Most states have similar maps, and Missouri’s maps have been in development since 2002, Giarratano said.

"This is indicative of a new MoDOT, that we are now trying our best to accommodate for nonmotorized transportation," said Giarratano, who said she also is a bicyclist.
View the maps and leave comments about them on MoDOT's web site. The Missouri Bicycle Federation and other members of MoDOT's Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee have been working towards a state bicycle map for many years. The map has finally received a go-ahead from MoDOT management.