Missouri Foundation for Bicycling and Walking Sponsors and Supporters

This is the list of Foundation sponsors and supporters.  See the list of Federation sponsors and supporters here.

If you would like to become a Foundation sponsor, please contact us or visit the donation page

If you should be listed and are not, or if your listing is incorrect, please email or call the Executive Director (director[at]mobikefed.org 816-695-6736). Generally for privacy reasons we do not list individual donors online, but we can list individuals online at their request--just contact us. Note that this listing is updated periodically--there may be a delay between your donations and your listing on this page.

Grant Awards - Grant and significant contracting work that supports our programs

  • MoDOT
  • City of Kansas City, Missouri
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation / National Safe Routes to School Partnership
  • Missouri Foundation for Health
  • Incarnate Word Foundation
  • Advocacy Advance / Alliance for Biking and Walking
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas City
  • Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Region VII Office of Minority Health
  • Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis
  • Daughters of Charity Foundation of St. Louis
  • Missouri Livable Streets

Double Platinum Level ($5,000 or more annually)

  • Missouri Foundation for Health
  • William A. Kerr Foundation (website)

Platinum ($2000 or more annually)

  • Two individuals*

Gold Level ($1000 or more annually)

  • Missouri State Employees Charitable Campaign
  • Combined Federal Campaign
  • Johnson County Bicycle Club
  • Kansas City Bicycle Club
  • Four individuals*

Silver Level ($500-$999 annually)

  • Larry Denny, Attorney at Law, Kansas City
  • Springfield Neurological Institute
  • St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation
  • Eight individuals*

Bronze Level ($200-$499 annually)

  • Edward Mosby Lincoln Foundation, Lincoln, NE
  • Hallmark Corporate Foundation, Kansas City
  • Jefferson City Parks and Recreation
  • Monsanto Matching Gifts Program
  • Thirty-three individuals*

Steel Level ($100-199 annually)

  • Columbia Bicycle Club
  • Larry P. O'Reilly Trust, Springfield
  • Kansas City Track Club
  • Mark J. Reynold Memorial Bike Fund, St. Joseph
  • Neuenkirk, P.C.
  • Peerbolte Creative, LLC, Warrensburg
  • Policy Solutions, LLC, Ballwin
  • Sallee Law Firm, Kansas City/Sedalia
  • Schwab Charitable Fund
  • Vireo/Patti Banks Associates, Kansas City
  • Warsaw Parks and Recreation
  • One hundred sixteen individuals*

Bamboo Level (less than $100)

  • Twelve hundred four individuals*

*For privacy reasons we do not list individual donor names.