New draft version of Missouri Bicycle Maps online

Suggestions from bicyclists across Missouri have been incorporated into a new draft of the Missouri Bicycle Maps.

The most significant revision is the inclusion of the significant cross-country bicycle routes the TransAmerica route and the Mississippi River Trail.

The maps also show a newly proposed revision of the TransAmerica route in Missouri that has come out of meetings with local cyclists and interested parties along the route.

The maps show road type, amount of traffic, presence of shoulders, and other details useful to bicyclists.

The maps, in PDF format, can be downloaded from MoDOT's web site.

Bicyclists feedback about the maps is very much welcomed. Particularly, MoDOT's shoulder data is unreliable (though gradually through user feedback becoming more reliable). If you can look through the roads you are familiar with and check whether the shoulder data on the map tallies with your experience, that is very valuable feedback.

Send feedback to MoDOT's bike/ped coordinator Caryn Giarratano, .