What has MoBikefed done for you lately?

When we ask Missourians to join MoBikeFed or support our work, they often--and very reasonably--ask: Why should I support your work? What have you done recently that effects me and my community?

MoBikeFed's work is supported by thousands of members like you across Missouri
MoBikeFed's work is supported by thousands of members like you across Missouri

Here is a list of just a few of the most important campaigns and initiatives we--along with our many allies and like-minded organizations across Missouri--have worked to support over the past year or so:

  • Continued our support of Complete Streets (now 33 policies across MO), Bicycle Friendly Communities (now 40 recognized Bicycle Friendly Communities, Universities, and Businesses in Missouri; 1.4 million Missourians live in an officially designed Bicycle Friendly Community), Walk Friendly Communities (now 2 Walk Friendly Communities in Missouri, with more on the way), and helped introduce Vision Zero across Missouri.
  • Stopped a bill to allow ATVs on the Katy Trail– tens of thousands of trails supporters from across Missouri and across the world stepped up to voice their opposition. Stopped the 15-foot bicycle flag bill, supported $20 million Missouri Moves funding (first flexible/multi-modal transportation funding in MO history), supported funding for Sedalia Katy Trail gap, Warrensburg Spirit Trail, and Rock Island Trail.
  • Major progress on statewide trail connections:

 - December 10th, 2016, Governor Nixon officially cut the ribbon and opened a 47-mile section of the Rock Island Trail that will connect the Katy Trail to the outskirts of the Kansas City metro area– a trail connection we have been working to support for more than 20 years

- State Parks & Ameren announced salvage work has begun on a 144-mile section of the Rock Island Trail between Windsor and Washington, in preparation to turning this section over to Missouri State Parks for trail use—planned for later this year

- Jackson County and the KCATA have completed their purchase of the 17-mile trail corridor needed to connect the Rock Island to the heart of the KC metro area and complete the Katy-KC connection. Engineering design of the new trail is underway with start of trail construction planned for 2017.

- MoDOT held a grand opening for the new bike/ped path on the I-64/40 Bridge at Chesterfield, connecting the Katy Trail and the Chesterfield Monarch Levee Trail.

- Construction of the Washington Missouri River Bridge, including a beautiful bike/ped path, has begun.This will be the key connection between the Rock Island & Katy Trails, creating the statewide trail loop.

- A coalition of cities and agencies is set to announce a new and greatly improved trail connection on the Hwy 370 Bridge between St. Louis County and St. Charles County.

- Planning has begun on a potential bike/ped path on the I-70 bridge at St Charles. Altogether we are looking at FIVE bike/ped bridges across the Missouri River between Washington and St. Charles, all feeding directly into the Katy/Rock Island Trail system on either side of the river. Just 15 years ago we had NO bike/ped crossings in this area.

- Altogether, the Katy/Rock Island Trail system, when complete, will create a statewide trail loop of over 500 miles—and vault Missouri to international prominence as a trails state.

Now, MoBikeFed has accomplished none of those things on its own.  We don't build trails or roads or sidewalks.  Rather, we build a statewide movement of support for those things--and that support makes them possible.  We work with allies, like-minded organizations, or members and supporters, elected officials and staff all across the state. We can't take credit for any single item on the list above--all are supported, funded, built, and maintained by the organizations and agencies in Missouri responsible for such things.

And we can't even take credit for doing the advocacy work that made many of these project happen--because every important project takes dozens of organizations, and hundreds or thousands of citizens and leaders working in concert to build the public support needed.

But we are part of that work--an important part, as the only statewide bicycle, pedestrian, and trails membership organization that has been working to build support and funding for these kinds of projects for more than 20 years.

It is only by working together that we can build support for projects like these, and our mission is to help citizens and like-minded groups from across Missouri work together successfully to make our state a better place to live--and help build more, better, and safer places to walk and bicycle.

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Your membership and ongoing financial support helps turn our Vision into reality.  Thank you!