The Butterfield Stage Experience - Bike + Amtrak

The Butterfield Stage Experience - Bike + Amtrak

The new Butterfield Stage Experience bicycle route is a historic experience along back country roads that leaves you with smiles for miles across Missouri. A mostly gravel/bikepacking route across some of the most beautiful, peaceful, and historic places in rural Missouri, you’ll re-experience an 1858 Butterfield Stage trip across Missouri. 

The Butterfield Stage Experience - 250 miles through the historic rural Missouri landscape
The Butterfield Stage Experience - 250 miles through the historic rural Missouri landscape

Roll your bike on Amtrak
Roll your bike on Amtrak. Unfortunately, rolling bike on Amtrak in Missouri is a *little* harder than shown here, but it works. And improved Amtrak rail cars are in the pipeline . . .

The Butterfield Stage Experience - Bike + Amtrak

The Missouri River Runner Amtrak route (map & stations) accepts roll-on bicycles (details/regulations) for just a $10 surcharge. Many Amtrak stations make for a convenient Butterfield/Rock Island/Katy Trail through trip or loop trip. 

Convenient Missouri River Runner Amtrak stations:

  • Lee's Summit - A few miles from the Rock Island
  • Warrensburg - Rock Island connection possible via gravel or low-traffic state highways
  • Sedalia - easy Katy connection
  • Jefferson City - easy Katy & Butterfield connection
  • Hermann - easy Katy connection
  • Washington - easy Katy connection
  • Independence, Kansas City, Kirkwood, and St. Louis stations are somewhat more distant from the cross-state trails, but can also potentially connect to the cross-state bike routes - consult relevant regional bike plans


Southwest Chief, Texas Chief, Illinois Amtrak connections

In addition, the Southwest Chief stops in Kansas City, the Texas Eagle stops in St Louis, Ironton, and Poplar Bluff, and Illinois Amtrak Service connects to the St. Louis area. That means you can have a bike+Amtrak adventure starting from many places across Missouri and across the country. And if you drive or fly to your starting point, you can use Amtrak "complete the loop" of your bicycling trip and return to your start point.

Bike + Amtrak Route Possibilities

Many loops and through trips are possible by boosting your trip with Amtrak.  Just a few examples:

  • Amtrak to Sedalia; loop trip Sedalia - Boonville - Jefferson City - California - Sedalia via Katy & Butterfield; Amtrak from Sedalia home. 
  • Amtrak to Hermann; Katy to Jefferson City; Butterfield + Connector to Sedalia; Amtrak from Sedalia home.
  • Amtrak to Lee's Summit; Rock Island to Windsor; Butterfield + Connectors to Warsaw - Cole Camp - Tipton - Jefferson City; Katy to Washington; Amtrak from Washington home
  • Amtrak to Jefferson City; Butterfield to California, Cole Camp, Warsaw; Connector to Windsor; Katy to Jefferson City; Amtrak home.
  • Amtrak to Washington; Katy to Jefferson City; Butterfield to Syracuse; Connector to Sedalia; Katy + Rock Island + Connector to Warrensburg; Amtrak home

Explore Bike + Amtrak possibilities on the Butterfield Stage Experience


Explore bike + Amtrak possibilities on the RideWithGPS Butterfield Stage OPTIONS AND CONNECTIONS page or using the live map below:




 Road conditions do vary - but usually roads are manageable--with proper caution!--even in fairly wet weather 



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